Monday, July 2, 2012

Injuries in the sport of hockey

Known as “the fastest game on Earth” hockey is a fast-paced and physical sport. The modern game now requires a great bit of finesse and skill from its players as well. The skillset of a hockey player is a unique combination of speed, power, and talent that also requires teamwork unlike any other sport in the world. As a result of hockey being a full-contact sport and the physicality of the game, hockey carries a high risk of injury.

Common hockey injuries generally include lacerations, concussions, contusions, ligament tears, broken bones, hyperextensions, and muscle strains. Here is good source on common hockey injuries and how they can be prevented:

Disclaimer: I do not wish injury upon any NHL player as I am a fan of the game and know firsthand how much it sucks to be injured and prevented from playing the game you love. I am just focusing on player injuries because it is something that intrigues me and relates to two of my biggest interests. Thanks for reading.